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Cemeteries Information System

"The wholeness of a people are diminished, if the ancestors are not honored" (African Proverb)

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The Cemeteries Information System provides access to biographical, death, and burial information for the thousands of persons interred in the historic burial grounds, curated from these sources:

  • Mount Zion United Methodist Church death and burial records, and member questionnaires

  • Georgetown and Washington DC funeral home records

  • DC Health Department of Health and Death Records

  • Cemetery gravestones and memorials Inscriptions

  • Graves Identified in historical surveys of the burying grounds

  • District of Columbia Free Negro Registers 1821 - 1861 

  • Historic newspaper's death and funeral notices

  • Military service records

  • Freedman’s Bank account activity records

  • Public records of census, births, deaths, and marriages

  • Public records of Last Will and Testament

  • Education institutions registrations and graduation roles

  • Input from educators, professional researchers, and descendants

In addition to biographical information, the CIS  contains images of individuals and original documents - including marriage, education, occupation/business, manumission, emancipation, military service, funeral home records, death notices, and more than 590 gravestone images.

The CIS enables researchers to gain insight to the lives of individuals; common life experiences such as enslavement, military service, and occupations; community activities and worship, education; and causes of death.  The CIS, by virtue of offering access to the life stories of thousands of people, provides the public with a more accurate and complete understanding of Georgetown’s history.


We are seeking to enhance our records - Descendants and members of the public are invited to use the CIS to submit "Tips" of information and documents, and ideas for enhancing the CIS, to Foundation researchers.

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