Your Support Can Take Many Forms

Mt. Zion / Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. (Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization created to jointly manage the preservation and commemoration of the Mt. Zion and Female Union Band Society Cemeteries.  Financial gifts are used to support programs:

  • Preserving and restoring the cemeteries

  • Developing the site as a historic memorial park - to serve as a sacred place for quiet reflection, the respectful commemoration of the past, and a space to promote unity and appreciation

  • To remember and preserve the heritage of the lives, contributions, and sacrifices these founders of Georgetown made during their lifetimes; and to become familiar with their families and the community in which they lived, during a time of deep segregation

CASH DONATIONS OF ANY AMOUNT ARE APPRECIATED. They can be given using our secure ONLINE DONATION SERVICE, or by check - made out to Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. and sent to:

Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc.

c/o John Seiver, Of Counsel 

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP

1301 K Street NW, Suite 500 East

Washington, DC 20005

Financial support can also take the form of:


Give a gift that keeps on giving:  establish a recurring automatic donation through our secure online donation service.


You can double the value of your gifts if your employer will match your charitable donations. Speak with your employer community relations team to obtain donation match guidance.


Enhance your Amazon shopping account to include  AmazonSmile and a portion of the purchase price of your purchases will be donated to Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc.


Let everyone know you are a proud ambassador of our sanctuary, and that you support our Furry Friends Pledge


A gift of appreciated value stocks, bonds or mutual funds can offer tax-savings benefits (a gift transfer of securities to a non-profit does not incur the capital gains tax of an asset sale).


Insurance policies originally created to protect minor children who are now grown may have a significant cash value which can make a valuable charitable gift.


Making a Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA to Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. can count toward your required minimum distribution and reduce distribution income taxes.


Your time, specials skills, or services can make a tremendous impact on the upkeep and promotion of our cemeteries within the community.

Estate Giving

Supporters may also chose to include the Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. in their Wills or estate giving plans.  Such future gifts will help our efforts to rediscover and share nearly two centuries of last African American history in Georgetown, and to develop and preserve a historic memorial park to serve as a sacred space for quiet reflection and respectful commemoration of the past.

​Planned gift giving and estate bequests are relatively easy to establish - and to change, should you ever need the assets during your lifetime or if your gift-giving goals change. 

Estate gifts or bequests may take many forms, including a defined dollar amount, or gifts of assets like stocks, bonds, real estate, IRAs, or life insurance policies. For example, Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. can be a named beneficiary in an Individual Retirement Account.


Estate related cash or asset donations can be given outright. Alternatively, they may take the form of a residuary gift, paid to Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. after other bequests of the estate have been satisfied, or they can be a contingent bequest - a gift given to our organization should the designated beneficiary(ies) predecease you.

The first step is to make a pledge:  ​The next time I consult with my advisers regarding my financial / estate plan, I will express my intention that Mt. Zion /Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. be included in my plans as a charitable beneficiary.  Even if I don’t know now what form a future gift might assume, I want to provide a legacy for preserving the Mount Zion - Female Union Band Society Cemeteries that aligns with my philanthropic goals, is vetted by my advisers, and makes sense for me and my family.


​Please find below the nomenclature that your estate planning or financial advisor will need should you choose to include Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. in your estate plan documents:

Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc., a Washington, DC non-profit corporation, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number: 20-4120416

If you have already included the Mt. Zion/Female Union Band Historic Memorial Park, Inc. in your estate plans but have not yet informed us, please let us know - we would love to thank you!